June 2015

PAST, INC. to Publish Knapper's Quarterly

PAST, INC. is very proud to announce that we have started a new website for the knapping community at www.knappersquarterly.com. This site is dedicated to the ancient art of knapping (the shaping of conchoidal fracturing stone such as flint, chert, obsidian, basalt, quartzite, etc. as well as other suitable materials [such as glass] by the process of reduction to create various stone tools, knives, and points). More recently, there is a growing trend in the field to knap materials into objects of art (eccentrics) and jewelry. While chipped stone tool production originated some 2.6 million years ago by early humans to more efficiently cope with their environment, the modern art of knapping is enjoyed today by experimental archaeologists, hobbyists, outdoorsmen, and artists alike.
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